About us

Wunderlich Smash Repairs was created over 30 years ago to achieve very simple goals: help car owners get their cars back to the original state and eliminate all stress involved in accident repairs. As the years have gone by, we have maintained the commitment to our goals with a team that is skilled and experience and applies the best tools and practices.

Accidents are common occurrences. A car accident can also cause major inconvenience when the vehicle cannot be used immediately afterwards. The accident repair service provider you engage will determine whether you will experience major inconvenience or not.

Our services aim very simple goals which drive the best quality of accident repair services. We pursue excellence with every service we render. To achieve the level of excellence we are known for, we employ only experienced and skilled staff. We are also committed to the continuous training of the team in line with the changing technology ad industry standards. We offer panel beating ad spray painting services, with teams especially trained and certified to provide these services. 

We are also committed to delivering the best quality of service ad interacting with all customers with professionalism. Thus, every member of the team is trained to maintain the best interactions with customers. We are poised to provide the best quality of service in today’s competitive market.

At Wunderlich Smash Repairs, we apply the best practices and technology in providing the best smash repair services in Sydney and maintaining excellent customer relations. All cars that come that are repaired by us are polished and finished with exclusive Cromax Auto Colour.


Quality Delivery

With new facilities, we have the latest smash repair technology that will ensure quality everytime.

Your Preferred Repairer

We provide an exceptional standard of service, with strict quality control procedures in place.

Lifetime Guarantee

We provide you with peace of mind by guaranteeing our workmanship on your car.