Panel Beating


Our expert team of panel beaters will help you get your car in the best shape, according to the manufacturer’s standard in no time. The team will work on your car according to the best practices and with the best tools and technology. We adhere to industry standards in getting your car back to its pre-accident state. Our team also undergoes regular training to maintain excellent panel beating skills in line with the industry’s standards.

The Wunderlich panel beating process

Our process begins with you reaching out to us to discuss your needs. A team member will guide you through the necessary steps which could include an insurance claim.

You can then drop your car with us, and we will begin working on it right away. A team will be assigned to your car. The team will provide an estimated pickup day and regular updates on the repair. We could also provide a replacement car for that period. After you pick up your car, we maintain a relationship that allows you to reach out for support services.

The panel beating team applies only the best tools and practices and ensures that your car gets back to that pre-accident form. The state-of-the-art panel beating technology we apply is second to none. Our customer service is also second to none.

We understand that panel beating is an essential process is getting your car back to form after an accident and execute this process with excellence in mind. Wunderlich panel beaters deliver excellence to customers across Sydney and beyond.